Innate Vitality is a small wellness studio located in the Brace Point community of West Seattle. We believe health is rooted deeply within each of us. It is through balance, self awareness, movement and happiness that we cultivate and increase our sense of health and well-being.

We each have our own definition of health and what it looks and feels like. With this in mind, Innate Vitality offers a wide variety of modalities to tailor to each person’s health and wellness journey. We offer yoga, Pilates, strength training, barre and nutrition support. Both small group classes and private sessions are available, you choose what best suits you.

Our practitioners are here to facilitate and guide you. Come visit us to explore what program best fits your needs. We would love to work with you to create an individualized plan.

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Don’t forget to take time for you. Before the summer heats up with activities and busy schedules, take some time for you.

On May 19 at 6pm join us for our special Yin Yoga event, it’s a 90 minute class offering deeply relaxation with aromatherapy and Reiki designed to nourish you from the inside out. Yin Yoga directs energy to the joints, ligaments, fascia and organs of the body as well as the subtle body and cultivates a meditative mind.

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