10-Day Blood Sugar Support Program

Who fell off the wagon this summer?

I know I did more than once! However I don’t get down on myself for it. I’m a firm believer in toxic thoughts and that shaming internal voice is way more detrimental to your body than any possible food stuffs ingested.

If you’re going to indulge – do it, enjoy it and be thankful for whatever you got out of it. Maybe it was a feeling of nostalgia, or an enjoyable social event, or it might have been an educational tool?

An education tool?

Yes, it could be that now you have the awareness of how that indulgence feels to your body. Maybe you realized it wasn’t as good as you imagined or maybe there are side affects you can feel in your body from consuming that food now – brain fog, sluggishness, mood swings, congestion, joint pain, etc.…

So, how do we successfully get back on the wagon? Everyone is different here but I would say there are two categories people generally fall into. First, is the type who needs to take small baby steps, wean your body off foods so that it’s not jolting to the system (be it physical or emotional) Yes, you rebels – you know who you are! As soon as someone tells you can’t have something you revolt and say you will because you told me I couldn’t. This method is for you. You’re the boss and you get to move slowly to tame the rebellion. The second type works in the opposite manner, they need a line drawn where there will be no more. These folks see things very much black and white, and gray areas can be very confusing.

We’ll refer to these folks as rule followers because all they need is someone to tell them “No, these items are off limits” and that’s it for them, as long as there are no grey areas they have no problem omitting things.

In October we will roll out our second annual 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Program at Innate Vitality. There will be both a nutrition component and a fitness challenge for 10 days. It’s a nice little reset for those of us who have fallen of the wagon over the summer or those who have never cleansed before, but are ready to dabble and try it out for a short period.  The 10 days, that’s totally doable, right?

We will meet the weekend before the challenge starts so folks can be clear on the details of the program and ask any questions. At this point you will be given a plan for tapering off for that week (for the rebels). Then the program starts Monday Oct. 9th and finishes Wednesday Oct. 18th. There will be many tasks you can complete, everyone will win prizes, the contestant with the most points at the end will win a dinner for two catered by yours truly.

To learn more join us for the info session Sunday Oct 1st at 3:30pm right after our open house.

Kara Krause, NTP

Founder Innate Vitality Wellness Studio
Beautycounter Consultant