Kara Krause

As we all face the current health concerns, social distancing, distance learning and working from home, feeling stressful is inevitable. We all know that physical exercise is an essential part of maintaining good health, it’s also a great way to improve mental health and is a natural stress buster. Getting […]

Reduce Stress With Exercise

The summer heat is upon us!  When the temps soar and we’re active, it’s hard to think about cooking and we need to drink water all day.  Here are some foods that can help the body beat the heat and help keep us hydrated. Watermelon The delicious watermelon is a […]

Foods that help beat the heat

Striking a balance between enjoying the holidays with friends and family while still staying on track with eating healthy doesn’t have to be as stressful or complicated as you might think. There are certain times in the year for everyone where you eat and drink more than usual. It’s life, […]

Balance holidays and healthy eating

We’re so happy to announce some fun new programs! Starting today we’re offering a FREE 30 minute yoga class to runners to help prevent injuries.  We also have the 10-day Blood Sugar Support program starting in October and don’t forget our FREE 15 minute guided mediation on Friday 22nd and […]

Upcoming schedule

  Zenga (Zen/yoga) is a unique mind-body fitness exercise that fuses elements of Pilates, yoga and meditation into a series of flowing movements that emphasize the breath and strengthen both body and mind, which enhances an awareness of your mind/body connection. Using props and equipment, these accessible workouts are playful […]

Zenga offers mindful movement

    BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT When someone mentions the word yoga, what usually comes to mind is a picture of someone twisted up like a pretzel on a yoga mat. While yoga can be a challenging physical activity, it goes way beyond just poses. Yoga not only involves the […]

Yoga works the body, mind and spirit