Balance holidays and healthy eating

Striking a balance between enjoying the holidays with friends and family while still staying on track with eating healthy doesn’t have to be as stressful or complicated as you might think. There are certain times in the year for everyone where you eat and drink more than usual. It’s life, right?! So, don’t beat yourself up! But we think it’s important to have information and tools that you can use to help in those situations.

Parties – if you are attending a holiday party, before you leave your house have a lite, healthy snack, this way you’re not hungry when you get there, which can lead to eating more than you think.

Also, take a dish with you to the party that you can eat and share.

And remember that the holidays are about spending time with your friends and family. Enjoy yourself with them!

And then what usually happens in the new year are diet goals. We are not big believers in diets. Our focus is on eating healthy foods that work for your body.

For some of us, that’s a high protein and fat Paleo diet, for others, it’s a combination of proteins and healthy carbohydrates, and for some, it’s a vegetarian diet.


No matter what you eat, your body accumulates toxins and chemicals every day. Some of those toxins and chemicals come through the food we eat, some are through cleaning products we use, the makeup we wear, and just the environment in general. The number of toxins and chemicals we come in contact with during the day is staggering and our body, including our brain, are affected.

Our body naturally eliminates toxins and chemicals but they take a toll on our body, on our liver in particular. The liver is the organ that processes toxins and chemicals in our body but over time it can no longer process enough of the toxins and chemicals to keep up with the intake of toxins and chemicals, and that results in many negative ways for our body, like aches and pain, brain fog and sluggishness.

Innate Vitality is here to help!

We are pleased to offer our 4th Annual 21-Day Group Detox and Purification Program through Standard Process. The Standard Process Purification Program helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out. The program gives you a structured plan for purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This plan is not a fad diet. It’s a new way of life, a strategy that you can modify to fit your individual requirements. The plan is a journey of discovery as you try new foods and learn about eating clean, healthy foods for better health.

Our 21-Day Group Detox and Purification Program includes a weekly group session to talk about what works, what didn’t, get recipes and learn from each other. We believe your health successes are lasting when you have the support of a “community” and Innate Vitality’s health and wellness community is here to help you succeed.


Purify your mind and body. Transform your life. Join the community.

The 21-Day Group Detox and Purification Program will begin with an information session on January 6 at 12:30 and the detox program starts January 13, 2018 to February 3, 2018.

Save $50 with Early Bird sign up before 12/30 ($300 after 12/30)
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