Class Descriptions

Covered Under Any Silver Package

Mat Pilates (Beginner Appropriate)

This class is designed for beginning to intermediate participants who are looking for a floor workout that builds core strength, increases flexibility and uses various props for added challenge as strength and stability develops. The five basic principles of STOTT Pilates are introduced as the foundation for all safe and efficient movement.

Strength Cardio Trampoline

This fasted paced class is a combination of low-impact jumping on the cardio trampoline mixed with intervals of upper body strength training. Perfect for those needing some more cardio in their lives, but do not want the high impact effects on the body 😉 Previous pilates experience is highly recommended before taking this class.

Covered Under Any Gold Package

*Gold level packages include all Silver level classes as well as:

Pilates Reformer Beginning (Beginner Appropriate)

The Pilates Reformer offers a full body workout on a unique machine that has a pulley and spring system. The machine provides gentle, supported movement and works the muscles in both the execution and release of each exercise. Structured breathing builds deep core activation and aids in the mind body connection. This class is great for anyone looking to develop core strength, increase flexibility and build muscle tone.

*We require that all students take four beginning group classes or private sessions, from there your instructor will place you in the appropriate level group class when they decide you are ready. People who have injuries, special needs or are pregnant should schedule private sessions so that specific programing needs can be addressed.

Pilates Equipment Circuit

This pilates circuit class will incorporate different equipment and props. You will move between reformer, chair, cadillac, and mat for timed intervals. Get a full body work out that is dynamic and fun. You’ll work independently so previous pilates equipment experience is highly recommend.