Class Descriptions

IV Group class schedule -Weekly

Pilates Classes:

Pilates Reformer Beginning and Advanced

At Innate Vitality, our Pilates Reformer classes provide a gentle yet intense full body workout on a unique machine. A wide variety of exercises are done on the Reformer to promote length, strength, flexibility and balance. Structured breathing builds a deep mind-body connection. One of the best things about the reformer is its versatility, exercises can be done lying down, sitting, standing, and in all kinds of variations. This class is great for anyone looking to develop core strength, increase flexibility and build muscle tone. In other words, the reformer benefits the body in many different ways including balance and posture.  Our health and wellness studio offers Pilates reformer in small group classes and private sessions. Our small classes provide a personalized experience and accommodates all fitness levels from beginners to advanced. Our instructors are STOTT certified and have years of experience in physical therapy and Pilates.

*We require that all students take four beginning group classes or private sessions, from there your instructor will place you in the appropriate level group class when they decide you are ready. People who have injuries, special needs or are pregnant should schedule private sessions so that specific programing needs can be addressed.

Cardio Trampoline on Pilates Reformer

This fasted paced strength class on the Pilates Reformer is a combination of low-impact jumping on the cardio trampoline mixed with intervals of upper body strength training. Perfect for those needing some more cardio in their lives, but do not want the high impact effects on the body 😉

Mat Pilates (Beginner Appropriate)

This class is designed for beginning to intermediate participants who are looking for a floor workout that builds core strength, increases flexibility and uses various props for added challenge as strength and stability develops. The five basic principles of STOTT Pilates are introduced as the foundation for all safe and efficient movement.

Pilates Circuit Training

Innate Vitality’s Pilates circuit class uses a range of Pilates equipment – including the Reformer, the Tower, the Split Pedal Chair and the Ladder Barrel – in a circuit format to provide a more varied class. It’s an intense full-body workout that will challenge and inspire the most experienced Pilates practitioner. The principles of lengthening and lifting the body to create long lean shapes and tone muscle. You’ll see improvements in balance, flexibility and posture, and you’ll restore and improve your natural range of movement and muscular balance.

Yoga, Barre and Strength Training:

Gentle Yoga (Beginner Appropriate)

This yoga class focuses on increasing flexibility & relaxation through gentle movement. The class will begin by warming the body up with gentle flow, closing with deep stretching and focused breath. The perfect way to release the tension from the day & send you home centered and uplifted!


A fun, fast paced class choreographed to music. Barre combines elements of Pilates, ballet and strength so that you’ll build cardiovascular endurance, muscle and get a little burn on. Good news is, you’ll get a kick-butt full body workout and have a blast doing it!

Strength Training (Beginner Appropriate, All Levels)

New to strength training? This low intensity strength training class is the best place to start! The slower pace of this class gives you the time to become accustomed to basic strength training exercises. You’ll get a full body workout using various free weights and other props. Our strength class is 3 sections: warm up, strength exercises, cool down/stretches.

High Intensity Strength Training / High Intensity Interval Training

Pump some iron! Get a full body workout with intermittent cardiovascular bursts in this fun, fast paced strength training class. Exercises include free weights, TRX, etc.

Innate Vitality Packages:

Yoga, Barre, Mat Pilates Package

  • Gentle Yoga (Beginner Appropriate)
  • Barre
  • Mat Pilates (Beginner Appropriate)

Strength Training Package

  • Strength Training (Beginner Appropriate, All Levels)
  • High Intensity Strength Training
  • Strength Cardio Trampoline

Pilates Reformer Package

  • Pilates Reformer Beginning (Beginner Appropriate)