Keep your summer fitness routine in the fall

With the arrival of September and summer winding down, it’s time to look to a new season. It’s hard to see the fun days of summer with the long days and late sunsets fade away.  The transition into shorter days and colder, rainier weather can be a challenging time for folks, and it can be a time where a lot of us draw inward. With all the changes it can be an easy time to fall out of routines.

The best remedy for the long, dark days of Seattle is to keep your body moving. Now is the best time to make a plan, don’t let valuable routines fall to the wayside, it’s important to reflect on your summer and set some goals to carry you to the holiday season. Give yourself credit for all the things you did right, getting outside and being more active, eating more fresh vegetables and summer bounty!

Reflect and Reevaluate

What are some routines you started this summer that you’d like to carry on through the winter?

The change in weather and our moods can make activity challenging, so it’s important to stick with your fitness community where you feel most supported, motivated and at home with. These are the relationships that will keep you going when good habits get challenged.

It seems that every season has its eating challenges but fall and winter are especially tough. So focus on the positive habits you started this summer that you’d like to continue into the fall and winter and how you can improve them. And most importantly, don’t get down on yourself!  Respectfully give thanks for the indulgence and decide what hasn’t served you that you’re ready to let go of and what you want to focus your energy toward now. Health goals are important, even more so in the fall and winter. Keep them small; attainable and real. Success will fuel you!

Since October typically is a month where we all slow down a bit, validate that with more gentle, focused movement, like Pilates, yoga & Zenga. Perhaps your body could use a rest from the more physically draining activities of the summer. Focus on self-care, restorative movement, and saying “no” to external demands that drain your energy.  In addition to keeping your health and fitness routine, fall is a great time to reorganize your space, spend more time with family, and do the things that fill your heart with joy and revitalizes you with new energy.

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