Innate Vitality Practitioners

Kara Krause MA, NTP

Nutrition, Pilates, Strength Training & Barre

In 2009, Kara decided to follow her passion and make a career change. Nutrition and movement fed her soul, so it was high time to pursue that passion and embark on a journey to share it with others! It was through her work with the YMCA that she harnessed her commitment to the individual “health seeker” and realized that health is deeper than a good workout. Kara is a STOTT certified Pilates instructor and a Certified Nutritional Therapist. She loves watching participants develop their strength and seeing their hunger for movement and healthy eating abound!

In her free time Kara enjoys being active in nature with her husband, David, and their mutt, Sasha. Her latest obsession is mountain biking! She is amazed at how her core strength, developed through her Pilates practice, has made this new sport so attainable for her.


Katie McNamara

Yoga & Barre

Katie McNamara has been pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle in Seattle since 1992, when she moved here from Vermont. Aerobics classes, all types of yoga, free weights at the gym, running, swimming, biking, rollerblading, she’s enjoyed it all! And if you haven’t run into her at the gym or the yoga studio, you may have seen her at the local natural food co-op.

Katie owns, operates, and teaches at a small, private preschool in West Seattle where she lives with her husband and 10 year old daughter.

Katie has her 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Certification from CorePower Yoga (December 2016), and her Barre Teacher Certification from Adrienne Kimberly’s Barre Bohemian (June 2016).


Tabitha Fletcher

Pilates Mat & Reformer

Tabitha has been doing Pilates on a weekly basis for the past 3 years.  Her motivating motto is, “This is the one body I get to have, so I have to do the best I can with it.” Tabitha is a STOTT trained pilates instructor. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes providing participants a challenging experience through very intentional movement.

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2010 and through diet, exercise, and acupuncture has learned to manage pain without daily medication.  Her hobbies include hiking and the outdoors, reading and travel. Her primary focus in teaching Pilates is to focus on movements and postures that decrease pain and promote strength and flexibility.


Kristen Linck, BS, CPT

Strength Training

Kristen is an Certified Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer through ACSM. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a Fitness and Nutrition Option, from Oregon State University – GO BEAVS!

After graduation, she started working two jobs in her hometown of Bend, Oregon. She began her fitness career in a local gym as a Personal Trainer and quickly moved up to Assistant Manager/Fitness Manager (all while additionally working full-time as a Physical Therapy Aide). She applied knowledge gained from the Physical Therapists and incorporated it to her personal training exercises at the local gym. This was how she discovered her passion for educating and training others in rehabilitative and strength training exercises.

In the summer of 2016 Kristen and her partner, Katelyn, made the move up to Seattle so that Katelyn could begin her career as a middle school teacher. Kristen then decided to create her own personal training business, Root Force, LLC.

Root Force was named for the solid foundation that she instills during her classes and sessions- focusing on form, posture, and core strength that leads to improvements in daily life.
In her free time Kristen enjoys bird watching, woodworking, painting, and exploring nature with Katelyn and their dog, Timber.


Megan Weidlich

Pilates Mat & Reformer

Megan is physical therapist at an outpatient clinic in Redmond, where she specializes in Women’s Health conditions and dancer rehabilitation. She is a certified STOTT pilates instructor and has over has over 3 years experience teaching. In her free time she enjoys all that outdoor recreation that living in the PNW offers.

Gin Yang

Pilates Reformer

Gin is a certified Stott Pilates instructor. She discovered Pilates in 2006 and never looked back. She still attends weekly private sessions and group classes, and now pursues continuing education courses as well. She found that Pilates changed her posture, strength, and awareness so she decided to pursue her passion, completing Stott instructor training in 2017.
In her free time Gin is an avid skateboarder and martial artist. She has been teaching Kung Fu since 2007 and continues to practice and teach martial arts as a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo. You will usually find her with her adorable French Bulldog, Eggroll.


Karla Malta

Strength Training

Karla is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer. In 2016, she decided to leave her full time job as a Graphic Designer to pursue a life that revolved around fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals. She has always lived an active lifestyle and loves dancing, hiking, running and strength training.

She recently moved to West Seattle and is really excited to help make an impact in this awesome little community of ours. She will always bring a friendly, positive and upbeat energy to her classes. Currently, Karla is training towards getting her Strong First certification in kettlebell training.